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    Spencer F. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 52 lbs.

    Sonya S. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 18 lbs.

    Jennifer H. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 22 lbs.
  • Suzanne R. - e84 Fuel

    Dropped 31 lbs.

    Camaron C. - e84 Fuel

    Dropped 8 Pant Sizes, Energy and Strength Increased.

    Becca G. - e84 Fuel

    Dropped 12 lbs, Ran First Ever 5k.
  • Bernard P. - e84 Edge

    Gained 6 lbs of muscle at 65 yrs of age.

    Bryan L. - e84 Edge

    Lost 9.3% body fat, in best shape of his life.

    John V. - e84 Edge

    Gained 15 lbs of muscle – recovered from injury.
  • Janice S. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 15 lbs & 4" Off Waist.

    Heather M. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 48 lbs & Dropped 8 Dress Sizes.

    Andronica C. - e84 Burn

    Dropped 45lbs.
  • Kent M. - e84 Fuel

    Dropped 25 lbs, Fitness Drastically Improved.

    Rob D. - e84 Fuel

    Lost 24 pounds, gained lean muscle mass.

    Robin M. - e84 Fuel

    Helped her through the loss of her mother to cancer, is sleeping better and feels great!
  • Jordan A. - e84 Edge

    Back to competition form for Mr. Florida participant.

    Jeremiah D. - e84 Edge

    Navy Seal gets back to top shape Drops 10 lbs & 3 inches.

    Bryan M. - e84 Edge

    Dropped 15% body fat and 15 lbs.
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